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Project | Design and 3D print a water filter

Design and prototype a water filter that accepts many types of filtering media.  

Module overview

The water filter dataset is used here with permission by Paige Baldwin, Boonyakorn Ngampatipatpong, Adam Otto, Jaime Soto, and Kiana Watson, University of Colorado Boulder. See the course resources for further details on the creators of this project.

Access to safe, clean water is an unmet necessity for millions of people across the world. Design a functional device that provides a low-cost solution for water filtering in a variety of scenarios with cloth or pouch style filtering media that meets the requirements of local challenges. Use your intermediate CAD skills and knowledge to create a 3D model with multiple components and modify it for manufacture by 3D printing. As an additional challenge, improve the existing design by creating a new cap and inlet method to accommodate many tubing sizes while reducing the potential for leaks.

After completing this project, you’ll be able to:

  • Design a customizable solid model using 2D sketches.
  • Use geometric constraints and dimensions to make precise adjustments.
  • Create revolved solids from 2D sketches.
  • Use the Offset Face tool to create allowance between parts.
  • Apply modeled threads inside and outside of components.
  • Duplicate components with joints to create copies of groups of components.
  • Import existing parts from third-party providers in the STEP file format.
  • Apply a variety of joints to components to verify realistic interaction between parts.
  • Analyze interference between solids and interpret the results to make adjustments.
  • Prepare the model for 3D printing.

Module downloads

These downloadable resources will be used to complete units in this module:

Module outline

  • Design a water filter

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