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Project | Make a custom pen cap

Create the toolpaths required to rough and finish a custom aluminum pen cap using Fusion.

Module overview

A customer has provided a custom pen design for your company to machine a prototype. They supplied the 3D model and detailed drawing, but are requiring your company to create the digital tool library, the toolpaths and to manufacture the part.  The pen cap will be used in a custom pen design using a G2 pen ink insert.  

Further your skills by completing a project practice exercise and project challenge exercises that work on geometry and toolpath variations for alternate design options.

Fusion 3D model of a pen cap


Module downloads

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Module outline

  • Project: Pen cap

Teaching supplements

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Machining best practices

Machining best practices supports you in the CNC machining this project. Review the process plan and cutting data for general guidelines to support you in this project. The sample setup sheet provides information about how the part was machined. Post machining, inspect your part while reviewing the supplied detailed drawing, and populate the inspection report to verify acceptable part tolerances.

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Module5 hr.

Module5 hr.