Factory Asset Publishing Environment

In this unit, you will explore the factory asset publishing environment and the tasks associated with preparing the asset for publishing.

Exercise: Factory Asset Publishing Environment

  1. Continue with the shelf model from the previous unit.
  2. On the Factory tab, click Asset Builder.

  1. On the Asset Builder tab, click Landing Surface. Select the bottom face of one upright leg of the shelf.

  1. In the Landing Surface dialog box, click the Insertion point Select all four outside corners of the shelf, then click OK.

  1. On the Asset Builder tab, click Define Connector.

  1. Select one of the visible work points located at the bottom of the shelf. Select the Red axis arrow and then a model face that directs the arrow outward, away from the shelf (as shown below).

  1. Click the Blue axis and then a face that directs the arrow upward (as shown below). Right-click and select OK to create the connector.

  1. Repeat the process to add a connector on the opposite side of the shelf.
  2. Locate the work points in the model browser and remove the visibility of each.

  1. On the Asset Builder tab, select Asset Properties.

  1. Review the properties displayed in the Asset Properties dialog box. Note the value of the Descriptor and the adjacent option to display the value in AutoCAD. Click OK to close the dialog.

  1. Note that the Key Parameters, marked earlier in the Parameters dialog box, will be utilized as editable factory properties in the final asset design. Note: Any named parameter can be marked Key at this point.