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Setting up analysis for generalized multi run simulations

Set up the analysis for a generalized multi-run simulation.

Tutorial resources

These downloadable resources will be used to complete this tutorial:


Step-by-step guide

Once a configuration for a generalized multi-run has been set up in InfoWorks WS Pro with test cases created and result settings configured, the analysis options can be specified. The selected objects and results contribute data to the summary report for the GMR simulations.

  1. Open the network and control in the GeoPlan.
  2. In the Model Group, expand Generalized Multi-Run.
  3. Click the Valve Closures GMR.
  4. In the “Value Closures” Generalized Multi-Run Configuration dialog box, click the Analysis tab.
  • Analysis group: Options to carry out the analysis based on the information in the Simulation results fields group, a stored query, or none.
  • Simulation results fields group: Options to use the test objects or a selection list to see the results for specific objects.
  • Show InfoWorks TS results in fields: Enable to include these results in the grid.
  • The Results field grid: Select results fields to be analyzed.

To specify results using a stored query:

  1. In the Analysis options, enable Use stored query.
  2. Drag the CP<20m stored query and drop it into the box.
  3. Set the query time to be May 2nd, 2022, at 10:00.

This instructs WS Pro to calculate the analysis and summarize the test cases where the maximum pressure drops below 20m at 10:00.

  1. Enable Perform base simulation to run a simulation without any of the changes specified in this configuration, in addition to the simulations set up on the Test Cases tab.

Note: The Perform base simulation option is useful to compare "before and after" values.

The Generalized Multi-Run Configuration dialog box open to the Analysis tab, with the option to use a stored query enabled, the query selected, and a time to run the query selected.

Once you have your test cases, results, and analysis configured, click Save.