Revit Quick Start Guide

Revit Quick Start Guide

  • Revit user interface tour
  • Navigation in Revit
  • Using keyboard shortcuts in Revit
  • Visibility and graphics settings in Revit
  • Understanding families in Revit
  • Understanding parameters
  • Elements in Revit
  • Selecting elements in Revit
  • Temporary dimensions
  • Create a model in Revit
  • Model vs. Annotation
  • Place levels in Revit
  • Create grids in Revit
  • Control the display of levels and grids
  • Sketch modes in Revit
  • Create a boundary sketch
  • Add dimensions in Revit
  • Place tags and leaders
  • Create elevation views
  • Create views of your model
  • Selecting fields for a schedule
  • Creating sheets in Revit
  • Revit

Visibility and graphics settings in Revit

Learn the capabilities and functionality of Revit's visibility and graphics settings.

The visibility and graphics settings of a view determine whether elements and categories are visible and how they're displayed (color, line weight, line style, and so on). To modify the appearance and visibility of individual elements, right-click an element in the drawing area and use the context menu.

Visibility and Graphics settings.

For quick access to other functions that affect the current view, use the View Control Bar, located at the bottom of the view window above the status bar.