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Visualizing TS Results

Visualize the results of a transient systems simulation.

Tutorial resources

These downloadable resources will be used to complete this tutorial:


Step-by-step guide

Once a transient systems (TS) simulation has completed, the results can be reviewed in graphs or in an animation.

  1. In the Model Group, expand the TS Pump Trip group.

IMPORTANT: TS results are made up of three different sets of results:

  • The time series results for the full simulation period.
  • The time series results for just the duration of the transient event.
  • The transient itself.

To see the results in a pressure graph for a selected surge check node:

  1. Double-click the Transient results to open them in the GeoPlan.

In the Model group, the TS Pump Trip group is expanded, Transient has been selected, and the model is open in the GeoPlan.

  1. In the Tools toolbar, click the Graph tool.
  2. In the GeoPlan, click the Surge Check node.

In the toolbar, the Graph tool is selected, and in the GeoPlan, the Surge Check node is highlighted.

  1. In the Select what to graph for dialog box, select Pressure.
  2. Click OK.

The pressure graph showing in front of the GeoPlan view, with the selected Surge Check node circled for which the Surge Check graph was created.

Create another graph of the Velocity through pipe SV002.Surge Check.1:

  1. Select pipe SV002.Surge Check.1.

A closeup in the GeoPlan view of the pipe SV002.Surge Check.1 being selected for a surge check graph.

  1. In the Select what to graph for dialog box, select Velocity (m/s).
  2. Click OK.

The Velocity graph showing in front of the GeoPlan view, with the selected pipe circled for which the velocity graph was created.

The transient can be seen clearly in these graphs, which means this simulation successfully represents the transient event.

Surge Animator displays live animations of pipe profiles, tank and reservoir levels, pump speeds, water flow rates, and velocity rates. This tool gives you a basic understanding of how the surge is travelling through the network.

To view transient simulation results using the Surge Animator:

  1. With the Transient results open in the workspace, from the Model Group window, drag the “TS selection” selection list and drop it onto the GeoPlan.
  2. From the Tools toolbar, click the Long section pick tool to graph the long section of the selected network.

The “TS selection” selection list active in the GeoPlan, with its long section shown in the bottom panel.

  1. Right-click the long section.
  2. Select Export to Surge Animator.
  3. Save the .pro file in the desired location.
  4. Name it, such as “TS animation” in this exercise.
  5. Click Save.
  6. A popup appears, asking if you want to open the Surge Animator.
  7. Click Yes to review the results.

To review the TS animation results later:

  1. Click No in the popup.
  2. Then, to access the Surge Animator later on, from the main menu bar, select Results > Run surge animator.
  3. Select your .pro file.
  4. Click OK to start the Surge Animator.

The Surge Animate dialog box appears, with the animated surge shown:

The “TS selection” selection list animated in the Surge Animate dialog box, where the shifting dark and light blue line shows the surge behavior.