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Edit bases with the Forma Navigator

Use the Navigator and edit a base layer in Forma.

Step-by-step guide

In Forma, the Navigator allows you to work with design concepts, known as proposals. The Navigator is used to browse proposals included in the project, create new ones, and manage proposal and base layers.

Begin with a project already created and data added to the base layer.

  1. From the sidebar, select Navigator.
    In the Forma interface, a project with data added to the base layer open on the canvas, and in the sidebar, Navigator selected.

Here, you can access existing proposals or create new proposals. Layers within the project, such as any base layers, can also be configured.

  1. From the Layers group, choose a layer.
  2. Hover the cursor over Edit base.

Details about editing the base display.

In the Navigator, a layer selected with the cursor hovering over Edit base to display details about editing the base.

A base includes objects reused across your proposals. A project can have several bases, and you have the option to swap between bases. Existing objects can be added to a base, and you can draw new objects.

Note that objects like buildings and property boundaries are included in the project canvas and visible as a base layer in the Navigator in the sidebar.

  1. Select Edit base.
  2. On the canvas, select a few property boundaries.

Notice in the right panel, Property Boundary group, the amount of selected property boundaries display.

  1. Select Define as Site Limit.
    On the canvas, several property boundaries selected, and in the right panel, the number of selected properties displays, with Define as Site Limit selected and highlighted in red.

On the canvas, the site limits highlight. In the right panel, the site area square footage also updates.
The site limits highlighted on the canvas, and in the right panel, the updated site area is highlighted in red.

  1. Select Done.

Using the Navigator in Forma allows you to edit base layers easily.