• Forma

Preview and add geometries

Review the status of order data, use the Library to preview data, and add geometries to your Forma project. 

Step-by-step guide

Once a project is created in Forma, geometries can be added to the canvas from the library.

First, review the status of the data in the project:

  1. From the sidebar, select Library.

Here, the data orders and any imports display as a thumbnail.

Once the orders are loaded, preview them in the canvas:

  1. Hover the cursor over one of the thumbnails in the library and select Preview.
    In the Forma interface, an open project on the canvas, and in the Library, the cursor hovering over one of the thumbnails selecting Preview.

A preview displays with geometries of selected buildings.

To customize which building geometries to include, deselect geometries to exclude them from the current selection:

  1. Press and hold SHIFT while clicking individual geometries to deselect them.
    A preview of selected building geometries, with several deselected geometries highlighted in red.
  1. Click Add.

The canvas updates with the geometries added to the base layer.

The updated canvas with only the selected building geometries added to the base layer.

  1. Select another data type to preview. In this example, property boundaries are selected.
  2. In the preview, select or deselect the geometries as needed.
  3. Click Add.
    In a preview of the property boundaries, 3 selected geometries highlighted in blue, and Add selected.

Again, the canvas updates with the selected geometries added to the base layer.

The updated canvas with the selected property boundary geometries added to the base layer.

With Forma, it is easy to preview and add data to a project, while customizing the geometry to include.