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Inserting door families

Load door families into a project.

Tutorial resources

These downloadable resources will be used to complete this tutorial:

DW-Arch_Place Doors_RVT2021_001.rvt

Step-by-step guide

Load door families into a project, and choose door sizes from the Type Selector.

  1. Open the project DW-Arch_Place Doors_RVT2021.rvt. It opens in the Level 1 plan view.
  2. In the Architecture tab > Build panel, click Door.
  3. In the Modify | Place Door tab > Mode panel, click Load Family.

In the Revit interface, the open Level 1 plan view for this example, and in the Modify | Place Door tab, Mode panel, Load Family selected.

  1. In the Load Family dialog box, navigate to the Revit library Doors folder and select Door-Double-Flush_Panel.rfa.
  2. Click Open.

In the Load Family dialog box, in the Revit library Doors folder, the door family selected for this example, with Open selected.

  1. In the Specify Types dialog box, select 68" x 80".
  2. Click OK.

In the Specify Types dialog box, the type selected for this example, and OK selected.

  1. In the Properties palette, review the information about the door.
  2. Click Edit Type.

In the Properties palette, information about the selected door, with Edit Type selected.

  1. Review the Type Properties of the door.

The Type Properties dialog box shows a list of Type Parameters for the selected door.

  1. Click OK.
  2. Save the project.