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Re-digitizing newly connected pipes

Re-digitize pipes to ensure correct pipe direction after features have been added into an existing model.

Tutorial resources

These downloadable resources will be used to complete this tutorial:



In a configured modeling project, once you have added features to the system, you need to ensure the pipe direction is correct. This is because the pipe direction dictates the direction that a pump operates, therefore, you will have to redraw all these pipes from the reservoir towards the system.

In this model, pumps and a reservoir have just been added. The next step is to re-digitize the pipes, so they connect to the newly created pumps and reservoir.

  1. From the InfoWater Pro ribbon, Edit panel, select Edit > Redraw Pipe.
    Starting the Redraw Pipe tool from the Edit drop-down on the ribbon
  2. In the map, select the pipe to re-draw.
  3. Select the node on which to start the pipe.
    The model with a starting node selected for pipe creation.
  4. Double-click the node on which to finish the pipe.
    The model with the ending node for the pipe being double-clicked; the new pipe is indicated with a dotted line
  5. Repeat this process for the other two pipes.
  6. In the Contents pane, Pipe layer, double-click Domain.
    The Contents pane, with the Pipe layer expanded and Domain selected
  7. In the Symbology dialog box, select Arrow at End.
    The Symbology – Pipe pane, Gallery view, with the Arrow at End option being called out for selection
  8. Click Properties.
  9. Change the symbol color to red.
  10. Increase the line thickness to 10 pt.
  11. Click Apply.
    The Symbology – Pipe pane, Properties view, with the pipe Appearance edited and a preview of a red arrow appears at the bottom
  12. From the InfoWater Pro ribbon, Domain panel, click Enlarge Domain.
    The InfoWater Pro ribbon, Domain panel, with Enlarge Domain selected
  13. In the model, select all pipes connected to the pumps. Arrows display, indicating pipe direction.
    The map view showing the red directional arrows applied to the pipes

By limiting this to the domain, only the pipes in your domain are displayed this way, so you can avoid unnecessary clutter.

You can now verify that all pipes connected to pumps are drawn in the correct direction quickly and easily. This is a handy feature you can use to verify the direction of key pipes in your system; especially pipes connected to pumps and valves, which must be drawn in the direction of water flow.

  1. Reset domain pipes to default settings. From the ribbon, View panel, click Reset Map Display.
    The View panel of the ribbon with Reset Map Display selected