• BIM Collaborate

Platforms for BIM Collaborate and BIM Collaborate Pro

Learn about the Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) and BIM 360 platforms that support BIM Collaborate and BIM Collaborate Pro. 

Autodesk Construction Cloud

Autodesk Construction Cloud is a cloud-based construction management and collaboration solution that unifies existing and new offerings under one brand. Autodesk Docs is the common data environment for projects in Autodesk Construction Cloud that aren't hosted on BIM 360. Both BIM Collaborate and BIM Collaborate Pro support projects on ACC and BIM 360. 

screenshot showing existing offerings of Assemble, BuildingConnected, Pype, BIM 360 Plan, and BIM 360 Ops along with new offerings BIM Collaborate, BIM Collaborate Pro, Autodesk Quantify, Autodesk Build, and Autodesk Docs

BIM 360

BIM 360 is the cloud-based platform that brings together legacy products Design, Coordinate, Glue, Field, Team, Layout, and Ops. It's based on the BIM 360 Docs common data environment.

Comparison of ACC and BIM 360 user interfaces

To determine which environment your project is hosted in, look at the user interface. ACC is light and BIM 360 is dark.  

  1. Product picker: Toggle to the module you want to work with.
  2. Account selector: Toggle between different accounts and projects you have access to, or search for a project.
  3. Help menu and Autodesk Profile: Find resources, including forums, support, the Learning Panel, and your Autodesk ID profile.

Note: In ACC projects, modules appear in a list. In BIM 360 projects, modules appear in a grid.

screenshots of hte ACC product dropdown, vs. the grid of the BIM 360 module picker

The product picker in ACC versus the module picker in BIM 360

BIM Collaborate versus BIM Collaborate Pro

BIM Collaborate and BIM Collaborate Pro both give you access to the BIM 360 and ACC platforms. 

Unlike BIM Collaborate, BIM Collaborate Pro offers cloud services that allow you to host your files in the cloud and access them from anywhere. 

screenshot showing the difference between BIM Collaborate Pro on the left and BIM Collaborate on the right