• BIM Collaborate

BIM Collaborate Products basic tasks for administrators

Learn how to manage your account and projects using the Account Admin and Project Admin modules. 

Create projects in Account Administration

When creating a project, enter at least the following: 

  • Project name 
  • Account in which to create the project (if you manage more than one account) 
  • Project type 

Manage users in Account Administration

To simplify the management of users in your projects, add users to the account first. After you add them, you can edit the following user information:

  • Company
  • Role
  • Access level
  • Subscription entitlements

You can specify company, role, and access level in the invite. Tip: Add internal users to your account before adding them a project. That way, you can assign their subscription entitlements right away.

Add users to a project

As you add users to your project, you can assign access to the modules in the project.

Enable modules in the project

After you set up the project, enable the modules you need for the project. 

Create teams in Design Collaboration

Data in each project is hosted in your team space. To create a team space, set up teams. This also creates the shared space, which all teams can access.

There are two ways to create teams.

  1. Use the automated process in the Design Collaboration module, which autogenerates the Team, Consumed, and Shared Folders.

  2. Create the Team folder first in Docs, and then specify it as a team folder in Design Collaboration. The Consumed and Shared folders are then created. This method allows more flexibility in project folder structure.

Create collaboration spaces

Use collaboration spaces to upload and review project models, and to detect clashes between models. 

While not required, a collaboration space (which can also be in the team space) allows you to automatically compare the most recently published module against the most recently consumed model from another team. This process simplifies clash detection. 

Add users to teams

To allow users to upload, download, and share data between teams, add users to the teams. 

You can add users by name, role, or company. Adding by company allows you to add multiple users at a time. 

There are two ways to add users to teams: 

  1. Through the Design Collaboration module

  2.  Through Docs
  1.  Through Docs