25 min.

Coordinating with Architectural Model

Module overview

In this Initial Setup lesson, we’re going to present a workflow in which we are structural engineers, and we shall be receiving a building design from the architects and a proposed system routing from the MEP engineers. We will use information from these models to begin our structural design.

This content takes approximately 25 minutes to complete. By the end, you should be able to: 

  • Start a project from a template.
  • Link the architectural model to acquire its coordinate system.
  • Copy and monitor levels and grids from the architectural model.
  • Set up elevation views and 3D views to better coordinate with the mechanical services design.

Before you start

  • Please make sure you have the Revit software loaded.
  • If you have technical difficulties, please reach out to product support.

Module downloads

These downloadable resources will be used to complete units in this module:

Module outline

  • Introduction to Coordinating with Architectural Model