• Robot Structural Analysis Professional

Analysis and design for concrete structures using Robot Structural Analysis

Run analysis for concrete buildings, review analysis results, and model designs to determine the required reinforcement. 

Prepare the model and inspect its quality so that you can run an analysis for the entire building. 

Generate a finite element mesh for slabs and walls, inspect its quality, and run static analysis. 

Align the local coordinate system to common coordinates

Inspect results through graphical diagrams to understand the building’s behavior globally and by element. Find the extreme values of internal forces, displacements, and other results. 

Display and explore various analysis results after the coordinates are aligned. 

Display maps to present and explore stresses, forces, and deformations.

Display linear diagrams on panel section cuts to present and explore analysis results across slabs.

Display results for selected floors.

Adjust the displayed value precision using the Job Preferences settings.

Identify a core wall by the elements forming it. Define a core wall as an element isolated from the rest of the structure, analyze the core wall, and review results.