• Robot Structural Analysis Professional

Modeling steel structures with Robot Structural Analysis

Create a model for a typical steel structure, and analyze and test designs on the model.

Define a layered structural grid system to use for further modeling, and set your regional settings and design codes. Get started by setting a project type and choosing the structure type.

Define the main structural components: steel columns and rafters.

After you start a project, define the axes, and choose a structure type, specify the bearing components of the structure, such as columns.

Next, add rafters to a structure and specify location points for purlins.

Add purlins to a structure and use offsets to align their position with rafters.

After you define a steel framed structure with load varying components, add wall girts and use offsets to align their position with columns.

After specifying purlins and wall girts, add wall braces to a structure.

After you specify purlins, wall girts, and wall braces, add gable walls to a structure.