Course overview

Get the practice and confidence you need for your certification exam. Review exam topics such as modeling, documentation, families, analysis, and collaboration. Solve challenges with a deep understanding of electrical equipment, lighting fixtures, conduit, and cable trays. Learn about family categories and types, phases, lighting analysis, schedules, worksharing, and more. Follow along with lessons, datasets, and exercises to practice and review the exam topics on your own. You can also test your knowledge by taking a practice test to prepare for the certification exam. It’s all about practice and preparation. 


After taking this course, you'll be able to: 

  • Work with electrical equipment, lighting fixtures, conduit, and cable trays. 
  • Create views and annotations, work with families, develop schedules, and perform analyses. 
  • Use workflows and processes such as worksharing, exporting and printing, and project maintenance and management. 
  • Review the topics covered on the Autodesk Certified Professional in Revit for Electrical Design exam.