Add Columns (4:21 min)

Exercise 3–Add Columns

In this exercise, we will add columns at grid intersections

Catch-up file completed to this point: 07_Medical Center_Columns.rvt

Add Architectural Columns

  1. On the Architecture tab, on the Build panel, click the drop-down on the Column button and choose: Column: Architectural (see Figure 7–1).

Figure 7–1 The Architectural Column Tool

  1. On the Properties palette, from the Type Selector, choose: 18"x18".
  2. Down near the lower portion of the plan, click to place a column at the intersection of grids H and 6.

Notice how the architectural columns engage with the architectural walls.

  1. Repeat for H5, H7, H8 and H9 (see Figure 7–1).

  1. Place some more along Grid line D and E in the middle portion of the plan (Grids 7, 8 and 9).

Editing Columns

If the column does not touch the wall, it will not merge. For example, some of the columns on Grid E do not merge. If you move either the wall or the Grid line they will merge when they touch.

  1. Cancel the Column command.
  2. Select Grid E.
  3. Locate the temporary dimension over to the right. Edit the value to: 5'-0" (see Figure 7–2).

Figure 7–2 Moving a grid line will move all columns on the grid line

  1. On the QAT, click the Default 3D View icon to open the 3D view.
  2. Window select all the columns (drag from left to right surrounding all of them).

This action will select more than the columns.

  1. On the ribbon, click the Filter button.

The “Filter” dialog appears allowing us to fine-tune the selection by removing categories we don’t need selected.

  1. Uncheck everything except Columns and then click OK (see Figure 7–3).

Figure 7–3 Make a window selection and then Filter to select only the columns

  1. On the Properties palette, set the Top Level to: Roof (see Figure 7–4).


Figure 7–4 Associate the height of the columns with the Roof level