Using the tolerance advisor tool

Using the tolerance advisor - Exercise

  1. Open the Gear-Housing-Tolerance-Advisor.ipt part file from your working folder. 
  2. Activate the Annotate tab from the Inventor ribbon. 
  3. Right-click on the error message: "Zero-value (or inconsistent) tolerance not allowed" and select More Information.

  4. Review the error details and recommended changes. 
  5. Return to the Inventor Professional window. 
  6. Double-click on the 1.75" hole Feature Control Frame to open it up for editing. 
  7. Using the drop-down menu that says "Default" – change the value to Limits – Stacked.

  8. Double-click the top value (1.750) and change the value to 1.760.

  9. Click the green checkmark to confirm that changes. 
  10. The error message should go away. 
  11. Activate Face Status Coloring using the button at the bottom of the Tolerance Advisor browser.

  12. From the Annotate tab>Geometric Annotations panel – select Tolerance Feature
  13. Select the four inside faces of the housing (as shown) and click the green checkmark. 
  14. Click again to place the Profile tolerance feature on a plane.

  15. Click the green checkmark to add the Profile tolerance. 
  16. From the Annotate tab>General Annotations panel – select General Profile Note
  17. Click in the upper left quadrant when the screen turns blue. 
  18. Right-click on the <<$GENERAL_PROFILE_TOL>> text and select Edit Profile Tolerance.

  19. Use the drop-down menu to change the DRF to ACB. 
  20. Click OK to confirm. 
  21. Click OK to add the profile note. 
  22. Save and Close the model.