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Model coordination for operations layout and planning

Course overview

This course teaches you how all 3D models developed as part of the operations layout and planning process can be combined to develop a federated model. This allows multiple disciplinary design teams to review their completed designs and complete analysis such as clash detection, reducing the likelihood of errors and rework during installation. 

Having completed this course, you will be able to: 

  • Import 3D models into Navisworks to create a federated .nwc model 
  • Upload the .nwc to Autodesk Docs using Vault Project Sync 
  • Create a Coordination Space in Model Coordination Module 
  • Complete Clash Detection using Model Coordination  
  • Track and Resolve clash issues  

Before you start 

  • Please make sure you have the Navisworks and Vault Professional software loaded. 
  • If you have technical difficulties, please reach out to product support. 

Course downloads

These downloadable resources will be used to complete modules in this course:

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