1 hr. 30 min.

Course challenge

Module overview

This challenge is designed to help you to explore the tools you have learned. There's no single correct solution. Instead, use this as an opportunity to practice skills to creatively solve a design challenge. You can either use the output of the previous challenge or upload the provided dataset parting – lc.f3d to a location inside your project. Perform a stock transfer using a Turning toolpath sequence of Spindle Chuck, Part, and Spindle Return. For the Turning Part toolpath, use an OD Groove tool from the Fusion Library, or create a custom tool.

The following steps/items are required:

  • Create a Turning Secondary Spindle Chuck operation.
  • Create a Turning Part operation with the specified tool.
  • Create a Turning Secondary Spindle Return operation.
  • Verify that the Turning operations are executed correctly by using the Simulate tool.

Module outline

  • Course challenge