Understand What an Autodesk Primary Admin Does and Their Value

An Autodesk primary admin acts as the bridge between their company’s Autodesk products and services and the users within the company who need access to those products. Understanding the function of each product that your company has purchased ensures you can empower the users on your team by providing access to the correct software for their roles.

Who Is the Primary Admin?

By default, the primary admin role is assigned to the person within your company who purchased the Autodesk software and subscription plan (the contract manager). If the contract manager is not the one who will be assuming the responsibilities of the primary admin, they should assign another person to the primary admin role through Autodesk Account. 

If the contract manager and primary admin roles are assigned to separate people, the primary admin will not have purchasing rights as these remain with the contract manager.

Primary Admin Responsibilities

As a primary admin, your responsibility is to manage the users on your team and their access to the Autodesk products and services your company has purchased, as well as to manage their single sign-on (SSO). The primary admin can assign secondary admins and SSO admins, and can change the primary admin by assigning the role to a different user. If a primary admin assigns another user as the primary admin, they will then become a secondary admin.

When an account is initially set up, there can only be one primary admin for the account. As you become more experienced managing your account and start leveraging the teams functionality, you can assign separate primary admins for each team.

Assigning users to the other admin roles helps you become more efficient as they can then assist with performing administrative tasks. For more information on the different admin types, including Contract Managers, Primary Admins, Secondary Admins, and SSO Admins, see this article on User management admin roles.