Review Account Activity Log

Track Team Activity Using the Activity Log

In Autodesk Account, admins can use the Activity Log to track the history of their team activity. You can find information about team events, such as product assignments, role assignments, subscription changes, adding and removing users from groups, and many other activities.

Note: Activities related to hubs and projects related to events are not currently displayed. 

How to Access the Activity Log for Your Team 

  1. Sign in to Autodesk Account at
  2. In the Reporting section, select Activity Log.

  3. At the top of the Activity Log page, select a team from the Team drop-down list.

The Activity Log lists the date, time, and a description of each event in the history of the team you’ve selected.

Using Filters

After you choose a team to track, you can use filters to narrow down the listed results.














You can apply filters for one or more of the following: 

  • Date: You can filter to a specific day by setting only a starting date on the drop-down calendar, or set both a starting and ending date to filter to a range. 
  • Event: Select one or more events from the drop-down list. Examples of events are Group created, Product assigned to user, Role assigned to user, and Team created. There are many others. 
  • User: Start typing the name of one of your users, then select the name when it appears. As with the other filters, you can select multiple names. When you add a new user to the team, the selection list is populated with their name. 
  • Group: Start typing the name of one of your groups, then select the group when it appears. You can select multiple groups. When you add a new group, the selection list is populated with the name. 
  • Product: Start typing the name of a product, then select the product when it appears. You can select multiple products. 

Using Search

You can also find the events you’re looking for by searching on keywords embedded in the activity description. For example, you could find all events involving 3ds Max by typing "3ds Max" in the search box. By combining filters with search, you have powerful tools for finding the information you need.