Publishing Shared Coordinates (6:03 min)

Publishing Shared Coordinates

When we have a project on shared coordinates, we sometimes have to do, what I consider is a bad thing. That is, we sometimes have to physically move a linked model and rotate it. I cringe when I think of it, but many times, it is a necessary evil! Once the model is safely in the right spot (x,y,z and rotation to true north) we can then publish the coordinates and bam! We got it!

Follow these steps to put a model on shared coordinates:

Before you get started, download the files from the Files drop-down at the toolbar.

  1. Open Revit.
  2. Open your Site Revit model.
  3. On the Insert tab, click Link Revit:
  4. Browse to your architectural model

  5. For the Orientation: Select Auto: Project Base Point to Project Base Point.

  6. Click Open.
  7. Once the model is in, select the link.
  8. Click Move.
  9. Move it to the general spot you want it in the model.
  10. On the Modify tab, click the Align button.
  11. Align it to the orientation you want it.
  12. On the Manage tab, click the Publish Coordinates button as shown in the Figure below.
  13. Select the link.
  14. Click OK on the next dialog.
  15. Click the Save button.
  16. Save the Changes back to the link as shown below:

That should do it! Open your architectural model and check your survey point. It should now reflect the proper placement.