35 min.

Working with Project Documents in Upchain

Module overview

Learn how to manage project documents in the web application. We’ll begin by walking through a typical lifecycle of a document that is compatible with the PDF Viewer, starting with managing daily changes, sending it to a workflow, publishing it, revising it, and finally archiving a document. We’ll also demonstrate how to work with documents that are not compatible with the PDF Viewer. 

This content is for anyone who may need to manage project-level documentation in the web application, and for users who may not be able to use the Microsoft Office plugins.

This content takes approximately 35 minutes to complete. By the end, you should be able to:

  • Check out and check in a document to manage document versions
  • View and mark up a document in the PDF Viewer
  • Link a document to another document
  • Send a document through a workflow to publish it
  • Upload a translation document and identify its relationship to the parent document

Module outline

  • Managing Project Documents Compatible with the PDF Viewer