Adding Elements to Option Sets

Add Elements to a Design Option - Exercise

With the options configured, it’s time to move our elements to those options.

To add elements to a design option, follow these steps:

  1. Open Revit.
  2. Open your architectural model. 
  3. Make the 3D_Design Options view current, if necessary. 
  4. Navigate to the front of the building. 
  5. Select the front wall, the two curtain walls, the red sign, and the two adjoining walls on either side of the front wall. Hold <Ctrl> when selecting them to ensure they are all added to the selection set. 
  6. Use the Filter to ensure you have 5 walls (including the 2 curtain walls) and 1 Generic Models (the red sign) selected.

  7. In the Status Bar, click the Add to Set button, as shown below.

  8. In the Add to Design Option Set dialog box, ensure the Building Front option set is selected in the drop-down list, then select both options and click OK.

  9. In the Project Browser, select the Basic Roof: Garden Roof family, right-click, and select Duplicate. Rename the copy to Garden Roof Blue
  10. Right-click on Garden Roof Blue and select Type Properties
  11. In the Type Properties dialog box, click Edit… next to Structure. In the Edit Assembly dialog box, change the material to Blue, Solid and click OK.

  12. Click OK to close the Edit Assembly dialog box, then click OK again to close the Type Properties dialog box. 
  13. Select the four glass walls and the wavy roof. 
  14. Use the Filter command as you have done previously to check you have 4 walls and 1 roof selected. 
  15. Click the Add to Set button. 
  16. In the Add to Design Option Set dialog box, select the Garden Roof option set from the drop-down list, then select all three options and click OK.

  17. Save the model.

You have now added all of your data to an option!