Inserting an Embedded Schedule

Inserting an Embedded Schedule – Exercise

In this practice you will update an existing schedule with an embedded schedule to give further clarity to the issues in a project. You will then make some changes to the model and review the updates in the schedule.

Task 1: Insert an Embedded Schedule

1.    Open the Small Medical Center (-Embedded.rvt) project in the Duct System Schedule view. There are concerns about 0 flow rate in several systems as well as fragmented systems as shown by the conditional formatting.

2.    In Properties, beside Embedded Schedule, click Edit…

3.    In the Embedded Schedule tab select Embedded Schedule.

4.    Set the Filter list to Mechanical and select the Category Air Terminals, as shown below.


5.    Click Embedded Schedule Properties.

6.    In the Schedule Properties dialog box, Field tab, add the Following Fields:

·      Family and Type

·      Count

·      Flow


7.    In the Formatting Tab add Air Terminal to the Heading of each field and change the Alignment to Right. This will help you differentiate between the information.


8.    Click OK to close the dialog boxes.

9.    In the Schedule View, expand the System Name column so you can see the full name of the Air Terminal Family, as shown below.


10. You can see that the Exhaust and Return Air systems where the Flow is reading 0 CFM do have air terminals with flow specified. This probably means the systems have not been analyzed.

11.Save the project.

Task 2: Modify a System and Review the Changes to the Schedule

1.    Scroll down to the Supply Air Group and Notice that the Mechanical Supply Air 1 system that is missing a flow and does not have an air terminal. This system is incomplete.


2.    Open the Mechanical>HVAC> Floor Plans> 01Ground Floor HVAC Plan view.

3.    Hover over supply duct in the Lobby area and press <Tab> until the system displays, as shown below.


4.    Click to select the system. The Mechanical Supply Air system does not have any air terminals applied to it but there are two air terminals attached to the duct that can be added to the system.

5.    In the Modify | Duct Systems tab> System Tools panel click Edit System.

6.    In the Edit Duct System tab> Edit Duct System panel click Add to System.

7.    Select the two Air terminals, as shown below for one of them.  


8.    In the Ribbon, click Select Equipment.

9.    Select the nearby VRF-15 Mechanical Equipment element, as shown below. Finish Editing System.

11.Return to the Duct System Analysis schedule and notice how the Mechanical Supply Air 1 system now had two air terminals, those air terminals establish a flow for the system, and the System Equipment is also selected.

12.In the schedule, change the name to  Supply Air – First Floor VRF-15 (to match the others).

13.Save the project.