Creating Project Parameters in Revit

Create Project Parameters in Revit - Exercise

In this exercise, you will create a project parameter named Building Sector that can be used to divide the building into sectors or areas. You will then add the parameter to a schedule.  

  1. Open the project Small Medical Center-Project Parameters.rvt.  
  2. Open the Default 3D view. You can see that there are two parts to this building: the Health Center and Urgent Care, as shown below.

  3. In the Manage tab>Settings panel, click Project Parameters
  4. In the Project Parameters dialog box, click New Parameter, as shown below.

  5. In the Parameter Properties dialog box, select Project parameter. Note that this type of parameter can appear in schedules but not in tags (as shown below).

  6. In the Parameter Data area, fill out the following information, as shown below:  
    • Name: Building Sector 
    • Discipline: Common 
    • Data Type: Text 
    • Group parameter under: Identity Data 
    • Instance parameter.
  7. In the Categories area, set the Filter list to Architecture and select Rooms, as shown below.

  8. Click OK twice to close the dialog boxes. 
  9. Open the GROUND FLOOR plan view. 
  10. Select the Pharmacy room element in the plan.  
  11. In Properties, in the Identity Data section, there is now a parameter named Building Sector. Type in Urgent Care, as shown below. Note the "No matches" tooltip that displays because there is no existing record with that value.

  12. Select another room near the pharmacy and in Properties, set the Building Sector to Urgent Care. The option is now available in the drop-down list since you entered that value previously. 
  13. Select one of the exam rooms and set the Building Sector to Health Center
  14.  In the plan view, select all the Health Center elements and filter it by Rooms, as shown below.

  15. In Properties, set the Building Sector to Health Center
  16. Repeat the process with the remaining Urgent Care rooms, as shown below.

  17. In Properties, set the Building Sector to Urgent Care
  18. In the Project Browser, expand Schedules/Quantities (all) and open the Room Schedule.  
  19. In Properties, beside Fields, click Edit…
  20. In the Schedule Properties dialog box, on the Fields tab, select Building Sector and add it to the Scheduled fields list, as shown below. Click OK.

  21. Review the information and update anything with discrepancies. For example, the Staff Restroom, Stairs, and Nurse Station are listed in the Ground Floor Level even though they are in the rectangle of the Urgent Care building. Change the Building Sector for these rooms to Health Center
  22. Open the Floor Plans>SECOND FLOOR view. 
  23. Select everything and filter out the Rooms only. In Properties, update the Building Sector to Health Center
  24. Return to the ROOM SCHEDULE. The information is updated as shown below.

  25. Save the project.