Adding a Roof by Face to a Mass

Create a Roof from the Mass Model – Exercise

Now that we have our massing, we can convert that mass to a Revit roof object. 

To convert the mass to a roof, follow these steps:

  1. Open Revit.  
  2. Open your architectural model. 
  3. Open the Garden Roof 3D view. 
  4. Change the visual style of the view to Consistent Colors
  5. Open the Visibility/Graphic Overrides (type VG). On the Model Categories tab, scroll down to Mass and enable the visibility by checking the checkbox. Click OK
  6. Zoom in on the garden roof.

  7. In the Massing & Site tab>Model by Face panel, click Roof by Face.

  8. In Properties, select Basic Roof Generic – 12″
  9. Click Edit Type
  10. In the Type Properties dialog box, click Duplicate…
  11. In the Name dialog box, enter Garden Roof and click OK
  12. In the Type Properties dialog box, next to Structure, click Edit, as shown below.

  13. In the Edit Assembly dialog box, change the Thickness to 2″
  14. In the Material cell where it says <By Category>, click the […] button.

  15. In the Material Browser, click Create New Material
  16. Rename the new material to Garden Roof
  17. On the Appearance tab, in the Image section, select Red Fabric
  18. Select the Transparency checkbox and set the Translucency to 40%
  19. On the Graphics tab, set the Shading to Use Render Appearance, as shown below.

  20. Click OK to close the Material Browser. 
  21. Click OK to close the Edit Assembly dialog box. 
  22. Click OK one more time to close the Type Properties dialog box. 
  23. Select the mass. 
  24. In the Modify | Place Roof by Face tab, click Create Roof.

  25. Your roof should look similar to the one shown below.

  26. Save the file.