Attaching Walls to Non-Uniform Shapes

Attach Walls to Non-linear Surfaces – Exercise

To attach walls to the roof, follow these steps:

  1. Open Revit.  
  2. Open your architectural model. 
  3. Open the Garden Floor Plan. 
  4. On the Architecture tab, click Wall
  5. In Properties, do the following: 
    1. Select Basic Wall Generic - 5″
    2. Set the Base Offset to 0′-0″
    3. Set the Unconnected Height to 12′-0″
    4. Click Edit Type.

  6. In the Type Properties dialog box, click Duplicate…
  7. In the Name dialog box, enter Garden Roof and click OK
  8. In the Type Properties dialog box, next to Structure, click Edit…
  9. In the Edit Assembly dialog box, change the Thickness to 3″
  10. In the Material cell where it says <By Category>, click the […] button. 
  11. Change the Material to Glass.

  12. Click OK to close the Material Browser. 
  13. Click OK to close the Edit Assembly dialog box. 
  14. Click OK one more time to close the Type Properties dialog box. 
  15. In the Draw panel, click Pick Lines
  16. Set the Offset to 6″
  17. Pick the perimeter of the roof, as shown below.

  18. Go to the Garden Roof 3D view. 
  19. Select all four walls. 
  20. In the Modify | Walls tab, click Attach Top/Base
  21. Select the roof.

  22. With the walls still selected, select Attach Wall: Base
  23. Select the framing form work below the walls, as shown below.

There you go, a completed roof and attached walls.