25 min.

Win Better Work by Showing Customers More Design Options Early

Module overview

With design options, a team can develop, evaluate, and redesign building components and rooms within a single project file. Learn how to develop sets of design options for your building model to help your customers better visualize the project so you can start winning better work. 

This content includes approximately 25 minutes of video. By the end, you should be able to:

  • Create design options for your model.
  • Add elements to option sets.
  • Revise elements in option sets
  • Create views to display design options.
  • Clean the model up by accepting the primary option.

Before you start

  • Please make sure you have the Revit software loaded.
  • If you have technical difficulties, please reach out to product support.

Module downloads

These downloadable resources will be used to complete units in this module:

Module outline

  • Creating Design Options