Customizing Elevation (8:36 min)

Creating Elevations

The great thing about Revit is the elevations are created when you model the plans…well mostly. If we model walls, doors, floors and windows, we are getting Revit ready to start creating elevation views.

To create an elevation view, follow along with these steps.

  1. Open Revit.
  2. I’m going to open our architectural model.
  3. Zoom into a view you want to make an elevation of.
  4. Go to the View Tab.
  5. Click the Elevation button as shown in the Figure below:
  6. In the Properties dialog, make sure Interior Elevation is current.
  7. Place an elevation target as shown in the Figure below.
  8. Once the elevation is placed, hit esc a couple times.
  9. Select the square part of the elevation as shown in the image below.
  10. Hover over one of the blue boxes. Notice it says show arrow. This allows you to add and additional elevation.
  11. Turn on all 4 elevations.
  12. Hit Esc a couple times.
  13. Open one of the elevations by double clicking on the arrow.
  14. Change the scale to ¼”=1’-0” 
  15. Select the crop region and adjust the view so it looks similar to the figure below.