Creating a Landing Page for the Project

Create a Landing Page - Exercise

A nice thing about Revit is that you can actually create a startup page. That means that you can configure Revit to launch a project landing page that can contain vital project information whenever you open a project.

To create a landing page, follow these steps:

  1. Open Revit.  
  2. On the home page, under FAMILIES, click New…

  3. Navigate to the Titleblocks folder and select E1 - 42 x 30.rft, as shown below.

  4. Click Open.
  5. In the Create tab>Text panel, click Label.

  6. In the Edit Label dialog box, select Project Name from the Category Parameters list and click Add parameter(s) to label, as shown below.

  7. Click OK.
  8. Select the label. 
  9. In Properties, set the alignment as follows:
    • Horizontal Align: Center
    • Vertical Align: Middle

  10. Click the grips on the right and left of the label and stretch it to the edges of the window, as shown below.

  11. In Properties, click Edit Type.  
  12. In the Type Properties for Tag 1, do the following:  
    • Click Duplicate…
    • Set the Name to Project Title and click OK
    • Change the Text Font to Artifakt Element. 
    • Change the Text Size to 3/4"
    • Change the Color to Blue
    • Toggle on Bold
    • Toggle on Italic
    • Click OK.

  13. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to nudge the label into its proper position. 
  14. Add another label as before and include the following parameters:
    • Project Number
    • Project Status
    • Project Address
  15. In the Break column for Project Number and Project Status, check the checkbox to place them on separate lines. Click OK.

  16. Draw a rectangle around the labels and create another rectangle to the right. 
  17. In the Create tab>Text panel, click Text. Add Project Info: text to the left rectangle and Project Notes: to the right rectangle, as shown below.

  18. In the Insert tab>Import panel, click Import Image
  19. Browse to the project folder and select the Splash.tif file. 
  20. Position and scale it to be similar to that shown below.

  21. Save the family as Project Page in the Config folder, but do not close it. 
  22. Open the Small Medical Center model. 
  23. Go back to the Project Page family. 
  24. Click Load into Project and Close.

  25. In the Small Medical Center model, press <Esc>. 
  26. In the Project Browser, right-click on Sheets (all) and select New Sheet
  27. In the New Sheet dialog box, select the Project Page sheet and click OK.

  28. For Project Notes, insert text and type in "Verify dimensions on site"
  29. Renumber the sheet to 000 and rename it STARTUP
  30. In the Manage tab>Manage Project panel, select Starting View
  31. In the Starting View dialog box, select the 000 - STARTUP sheet as your starting page, as shown below.

  32. Save and close the project. Your project will now always open with this 000 – STARTUP sheet as the project landing page.