Customizing Plans (7:10 min)

Creating a Color Fill Plan View

Plans come naturally in Revit. In fact, you have plan views created before you even start modeling. What we are going to do here though, is create a color fill plan!

To create a perspective view follow along with these steps.

  1. Open Revit. I’m going to open our architectural model.
  2. We want to duplicate a floor plan. Go to Ground Level (or whatever your floor plan is you want to copy.
  3. In the Project Browser, right click on the plan you want to make a copy of and select Duplicate > Duplicate with Detailing. See the Figure below:
  4. Rename the new view GROUND FLOOR COLOR FILL PLAN.
  5. On the Analyze tab, click the Color Fill Legend button as shown in the Figure below:
  6. Pick a spot to place the legend approximately where shown in the Figure below.
  7. Change the Space Type to Rooms.
  8. Change the Color Scheme to Name.
  9. Click OK.
  10. The colors may differ, but your plan should look like the image shown below.
  11. Select the legend.
  12. Click the Edit Scheme button as shown below.
  13. You can now change any color or scheme you want.