SSO Post-Implementation Resources

The following provides a convenient directory (with links) to resources that you can access once you have set up your Autodesk account. These resources aim to support you with software downloads, product installation, and maintenance of your account. Additionally, we provide information on how you gain access to all of the learning content available to you on the Customer Success Hub.

Download and Install Products

Learn how to prepare your system and download the installer: Download and install.

Activate Products

Learn how to activate your software online or offline: Activate.

Remove Installed Products

Learn how to remove products from your computer: Uninstall.

Autodesk SSO Configuration Guide

The Autodesk Single Sign-on Configuration Guide has everything you need to get you prepared and set up to enable Autodesk SSO. This document is designed by our development team and continues to be updated.

Autodesk Customer Success Hub

Autodesk provides a convenient catalog of learning content and services to help you unlock the full potential of your Autodesk technology. These resources can be found in the Autodesk Customer Success Hub.

The Customer Success Hub provides access to Accelerators, in the form of either self-paced courses or pre-recorded expert coaching sessions that help your teams quickly adopt best-practice Autodesk workflows. On this site, you have access to the following:

  • Live Coaching: Autodesk offers live coaching sessions to companies with an Enterprise Business Agreement (EBA). Your teams can get personalized guidance on the latest Autodesk workflows directly from industry and product experts. Sessions can be tailored based on your team’s capabilities and typical project use cases.
  • Consulting: Advisory & Implementation Services offer flexible access to the full breadth of Autodesk Consulting, from strategic advisors and solution architects to technical implementation experts.