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BIM management

Learn ways to coordinate projects across a broad team, and understand what software to use for coordination to benefit your team.

Collection overview

Master the art of project coordination across diverse teams to understand the intricacies of Building Information Modeling (BIM) through a comprehensive BIM Execution Plan, streamlining design coordination and minimizing errors.

You will learn effective coordination and worksharing practices, how to utilize connected data and systems for seamless collaboration, and how BIM 360 and BIM Collaborate Pro can enhance your coordination capabilities. Elevate your skills by delving into BIM 360 Mobile workflows for on-site efficiency.

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Course40 min.
BIM 360

Course2 hr. 35 min.
Revit, Revit LT, BIM Collaborate
Course1 hr. 30 min.
Course35 min.
Course55 min.
BIM 360

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