Autodesk Fusion for industrial design

Autodesk Fusion: A flexible industrial 3D design software

Turn your ideas into profitable products with comprehensive 3D industrial design software tools, all in one integrated product development solution.

Iterate using Autodesk Fusion for product design

Gain more flexibility designing in Autodesk Fusion

Autodesk Fusion offers a comprehensive set of design tools that allow you to go from idea to prototype to manufacturable 3D model, all in one product development solution.

Parametric modelling enables you to easily define and modify your designs by changing parameters and dimensions. Both solid and surface modelling techniques allow you to create intricate and realistic models.

Easily collaborate with your team, clients and stakeholders anytime, on any device. Reduce the amount of re-work and feedback cycles needed to bring quality products to market faster.

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Benefits of Autodesk Fusion for industrial design

Expand innovation

Quickly explore your ideas to uncover the best concepts earlier in the design process with a comprehensive set of flexible 3D modelling tools.

Make better products

Rapidly prototype to help identify and address design issues early on. Perform various simulation analyses to test your product’s performance.

Improve efficiency

Collaborate in real time and take full advantage of tools such as parametric modelling, simulation and automated workflows to streamline the design process.

Increase profitability

Reduce re-work, production costs, material waste and manufacturing errors with design for manufacturing tools.

Industrial 3D design software tools for designers

Surface modelling

Design your way with a comprehensive set of 3D design tools including intuitive parametric, freeform, direct and surface modelling.


Rendering and visualisation

Create high-quality, photo-realistic images of your designs to visualise the final product. Apply realistic material appearances, including textures, finishes and colours using the comprehensive materials library.



Validate and optimise your designs for various real-world scenarios. Identify potential issues, improve performance and reduce material waste before moving to the manufacturing stage.


Generative design

Explore multiple manufacturing-ready outcomes that meet your design specifications while reducing weight, improving performance and consolidating parts through generative design.


Integrated CAD/CAM

Consider machining, tooling and material constraints while creating 3D models, and help make sure that designs are practical and cost-effective to produce. Eliminate the need to switch between different software applications, reducing potential errors and saving time.



Remove the silos from your traditional design process and use a modern collaboration environment. Connect your teams and clients, communicate in real time and centralise project activity.


A new approach to product design


Turn your concepts into 3D models 4x faster when compared to traditional industrial design software.


Create photo-realistic renders of your designs up to 75% faster to expedite stakeholder buy-in.


Create high quality products and accelerate time to market by 60%.

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Don’t settle for a siloed solution

See how an integrated CAD, CAM, CAE and PCB software platform delivers unprecedented value to designers, engineers and manufacturers.


Advanced industrial design tools with the Fusion Design Extension

Enable an automated approach to manufacturing complex product designs with advanced 3D design and modelling tools. Get access to intelligent feature settings to improve product performance, and apply the guidance to prepare your designs for manufacturing.

Autodesk Fusion resources for industrial designers

This guide highlights important tools to be aware of, best practices and tips to get you up to speed with the design workspace.


Learn how Autodesk Fusion offers a unified, streamlined and highly collaborative product development environment – from prototype to final product.


Explore how design automation tools like parametric modelling, generative design and automated modelling in Autodesk Fusion enable your team to grow smarter.


Explore the benefits of DFM and discover which Autodesk Fusion features support the process.


Here are 10 ways Autodesk Fusion supports designers and engineers during the prototyping and fabrication stages of product development.


Learn how configurations are an invaluable tool, offering a streamlined approach to design optimisation, risk mitigation and cost efficiency.


Quickly idea, prototype and create profitable products with Fusion for product design today

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What are important aspects of industrial design?

Here are some key aspects of industrial design:

  1. Functionality: Industrial designers focus on the functionality of a product, making sure it performs its intended purpose effectively.

  2. Aesthetics: Designers also focus on the visual appeal of the product, including its shape, colour and texture. The goal is to make the product attractive to potential customers.

  3. Ergonomics: This involves designing products in a way that they are comfortable and efficient to use. It involves understanding how the product will interact with the user and their environment.

  4. Manufacturability: Industrial designers need to consider how the product will be manufactured. This includes understanding the materials to be used, the manufacturing process and the cost implications.

  5. Sustainability: With growing awareness about environmental issues, many industrial designers now also consider the environmental impact of the product during its lifecycle. This includes its energy use, waste produced and end-of-life disposal.

  6. User Experience: This involves understanding and designing the entire experience of a user with the product. It includes the way that the product is used and the emotional response of the user to the product.

What is industrial design software?

Industrial design software refers to a range of 3D modelling (US Site) and CAD tools that are used by industrial designers to create, modify, analyse and optimise design solutions. Software tools like Autodesk Fusion help designers visualise, simulate and render product designs before they are manufactured, saving time and resources.

Is Autodesk Fusion a 3D design and modelling software?

Yes, Autodesk Fusion is not only a 3D design and modelling tool, but it integrates computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and computer-aided engineering (CAE) in a single platform. This allows for seamless transitions between designing, testing and manufacturing.

Does Autodesk Fusion include simulation functionality?

Yes, Autodesk Fusion does include simulation capabilities. These tools allow designers and engineers to test and validate their designs under real-world conditions without having to create physical prototypes.

Here are some of the key simulation features in Autodesk Fusion:

  1. Static Stress: This allows you to simulate the effects of forces, pressures and other loads on your design to see how it will respond and where the weak points might be.

  2. Modal Frequencies: This simulation helps you understand the natural vibration frequencies of your design, which is important in avoiding resonance and potential failure.

  3. Thermal Stress: This simulation allows you to see how changes in temperature will affect your design.

  4. Structural Buckling: This helps you understand how and when your design might buckle under compressive loads.

  5. Shape Optimisation: This tool uses the power of the cloud to help you find the best design to meet your criteria, removing material where it’s not needed and adding it where it is.

  6. Event Simulation: This allows you to simulate the physical movements of your design. For example, simulating the opening and closing of a lid or the movement of a mechanical arm.

Why is 3D design and modelling software important?

3D design and modelling software plays a crucial role in various industries. Here are some reasons why it’s important:

  1. Visualisation: 3D design software allows designers to create realistic models of objects or structures, which can be viewed from any angle. This helps in better understanding the design, identifying potential issues and making improvements.

  2. Accuracy and Precision: These tools provide high levels of accuracy and precision in design, which is crucial in fields like engineering and architecture.

  3. Efficiency: 3D design software can significantly speed up the design process. Designers can quickly make changes to the model and see the effects immediately, saving time and resources.

  4. Simulation: Many 3D design tools include simulation features, allowing designers to test how their design will perform under real-world conditions. This can help in identifying and addressing potential issues before the production stage.

  5. Collaboration: Many 3D design software options are cloud-based, allowing multiple team members to work on the same design simultaneously, regardless of their location. This facilitates better collaboration and faster project completion.

  6. Cost Savings: By allowing for thorough testing and validation before a physical prototype is built, 3D design software can help save costs associated with physical prototyping and manufacturing.

What is the best 3D modelling software?

While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer, Autodesk Fusion is a cloud-based 3D modelling software that integrates CAD, CAM, CAE and PCB into one package at an affordable price.

What is product design?

Product design is a process of identifying a market opportunity, clearly defining the problem, developing a proper solution for that problem and validating the solution with real users. It involves a combination of understanding user needs, generating ideas, building and testing prototypes, and creating the final product with industrial 3D design software.

Can you use Autodesk Fusion for product design?

Yes, Autodesk Fusion is a highly versatile tool that is used for product design. It allows designers and engineers to quickly and easily explore visual and functional designs, create photorealistic renderings and animations, simulate and test how a design will work under real-world conditions, and translate designs into instructions for CNC machines.

Is Autodesk Fusion an industrial 3D design software?

Yes, Autodesk Fusion is an industrial 3D design software. It combines computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided engineering (CAE) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) in one platform. It allows you to design, test and fabricate in a single tool.

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