Autodesk Fusion for Teams

Autodesk Fusion: A better way for teams to design and manufacture, together

Autodesk Fusion is a cloud enabled solution that connects and empowers global design and manufacturing teams to innovate, aspire and solve the problems of tomorrow, today.

Smarter design & manufacturing starts with one product development solution

Autodesk Fusion is the first and only cloud product development platform on the market that fully integrates CAD, CAM, CAE, PCB, data management, and collaboration tools.

Regardless of discipline teammates can work together in the same place and at the same time without the need for multiple different tools that don't talk to each other. Standardise your team on one tool to gain a competitive advantage in today’s ever-changing market.

Why standardise your team on Autodesk Fusion?

Improve collaboration

Global manufacturing teams trust Autodesk Fusion to efficiently ideate, create, collaborate and manage their development processes in a single solution with cloud and data at the centre.

Increase product development agility

Go from design to manufacturing faster with the only all-in-one cloud CAD, CAM, CAE and PCB product development platform, Autodesk Fusion.

Reduce errors and rework

Eliminate the need for back-and-forth file sharing or data lost in translation while establishing a common set of processes for consistent product development.

Industry leaders rely on Autodesk Fusion

Why teams are choosing Autodesk Fusion

Product development unified under one platform


Data management

Manage access and share projects securely with internal and external stakeholders anytime, anywhere.




Centralize all design changes and comments made by various teams to see how your project is progressing, with easy-to-use software for collaboration.



Flexible 3D CAD

Autodesk Fusion enables you to explore many iterations quickly with easy-to-use cloud CAD software.



Unified PCB design

Gain all the advantages of a full-featured schematic capture, electronics design and mechanical CAD with Autodesk Fusion.



Seamless 3D simulation

Test your designs to make sure they survive real-world conditions. Simulate digitally and reduce prototyping costs.



Integrated CAD/CAM

Produce high-quality CNC machined parts, and additively manufacture builds using FFF or BPF for metal 3D printing.


Why over 1.2 million users have chosen Autodesk Fusion


faster to design, engineer and manufacture a product in one day instead of an entire business week.


per design launch is saved by companies that implement cross-domain collaborative, revision control and concurrent workflows.


increase in speed to bring a product to market with one CAD/CAM solution.

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Source: Lifecycle insights report

Autodesk Fusion for teams resources

Learn why standardising your team on one product development tool gives you a competitive advantage in today’s ever-changing market


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Autodesk Fusion a good solution for team collaboration?

Yes, Autodesk Fusion is the only cloud collaboration product development tool of its kind. Its helps connect your teams and suppliers, communicate your design process, and collaborate anytime, from anywhere, on any device.

How does my team collaborate using Autodesk Fusion?

Collaborating in Autodesk Fusion is easy. All you need to do is create a team. To create a team, launch Fusion and sign in with your Autodesk credentials. Upon initial launch, you will be prompted to create a team. From there, you can invite team members to your projects and manages who has access to which projects.

Why is collaboration important when designing and manufacturing a product?

Collaboration is a critical element of effective product development for several reasons including:

  • Efficient problem-solving
  • Reduction in development costs and risks
  • Leveraging diverse skill sets
  • Faster time to market
  • Market validation and feedback

Is Autodesk Fusion easy for my team to learn?

Autodesk Fusion is user-friendly and accessible to all members of a product development team, regardless of discipline. Autodesk Fusion offers a range of resources to support learning including video tutorials, documentation, webinars, forums, and a community of experts.

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Bring your team together on a single software solution