From Tires to Speakers: Infinite Acoustics 3D Prints Speakers Using Upcycled Materials

Emily Suzuki Emily Suzuki October 16, 2023

1 min read

Infinite Acoustics is an acoustics company that creates 3D-printed speaker cabinets using recycled materials, breathing new life into industrial and consumer waste. The company’s products are built on demand in local micro-factories to minimize their carbon footprint and enable customized, on-demand production. 

Additionally, Infinite Acoustics uses recycled and upcycled materials, such as old tires and ocean plastic waste, to support circular practices. Its patent-pending Black Velvet Hwy range of speakers, for example, is made from old tires collected from local highways. The range is also designed to serve as the building blocks of a complete Dolby Atmos 7.2.6 installation. 

Along with traditional online and showroom sales, the company eventually aims to offer its digital assets via platforms like, and make its components available as kits. It also plans to license its whole production system to micro-factories to serve local markets.

The Infinite Acoustics system was designed by Lostboyslab, a Sweden-based engineering firm that specializes in 3D printing. Lostboyslab designed the systems in Autodesk Fusion 360, particularly with the Fusion 360 Product Design Extension

The Product Design Extension helps the team create the geometrical patterns inside the speaker that work as a diffuser and assist the strength of the cabinet. The design team also makes use of Fusion 360’s rendering tools and Drawings workspace for each part. Beyond design, Infinite Acoustics and Lostboyslab use Fusion 360 as a production system, including data management and documentation.

“We’re able to do everything in Fusion 360, from concept, prototypes, jigs, stands, and accessories, with the full intent to use 3D printing as the production method,” says Stefan Larsson, Founder, Infinite Acoustics. “We developed nine product lines in only 12 months, from concept to production. Without Fusion 360, that wouldn’t have been possible.”

In addition to a quick product development process, Infinite Acoustics works across multiple locations in multiple time zones—Los Angeles and Sweden. We work from multiple locations in Los Angeles and two locations in Sweden. “With Fusion 360 and additive manufacturing, we can do more and faster—even working remotely. Fusion 360 is absolutely critical in bringing these products to life.”

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