obayashi corporation

Digital Transformation with BIM model standardization using Revit

BIM Success Story

Obayashi (video: 3:30 min)

Obayashi Corporation is a Japanese general contractor established in 1892. Addition to construction projects both inside and outside of Japan. The company engages in a wide range of business, including regional, urban and marine developments.Obayashi considers BIM as the foundation of the building business as the basis of production digital transformation.Obayashi is promoting efforts to integrate production information with management information.Obayashi put in place internal rules called “Smart BIM Standard” with using Revit as support for creating BIM models correctly, and allows public access to it hoping that it will contribute to the progress of the whole industry.Making full use of Revit's excellent functions, Obayashi is operating a “one model” approach from the design to the production stages, with a single point of reference for information.