kogakuin university

Driving sustainable innovation with Autodesk Fusion

Education Customer Video

Students at Kogakuin University learn project-based skills with Autodesk Fusion to prepare for real-world jobs. (video: 3:37 min)

According to industry predictions, design and manufacturing will see a new convergence of data, machines, and collaboration. Hirohito Hamane, professor of mechanical systems engineering at Kogakuin University in Tokyo, Japan, wants to prepare his students for this future and is teaching Autodesk Fusion, a cloud-based design and make technology that empowers sustainable innovation.

The Kogakuin University Solar Car team used Fusion to design and create a solar-powered vehicle that they entered in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia. “When collaborating, we can dream up a brand-new vehicle and actually create, in our case, a vehicle that uses neither electricity nor gasoline,” Hamane says. “I hope the next generation will continue to challenge the status quo and move forward with Autodesk Fusion in their careers.”

Learn more about Hamane’s Autodesk Fusion journey in the classroom and get a glimpse into how Kogakuin University students developed and drove their solar-powered vehicle more than 3000 kilometers (the length of Australia) over the finish line in Adelaide.

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