Fusion 360 CAM for 3-Axis Milling Learning Pathway

Get the skills to be an Autodesk Certified Professional by exploring courses and projects that help you learn to create, optimize, and apply 3-axis toolpaths for manufacturing.

About the learning pathway

Designed to prepare learners for professional machinist roles with Fusion 360

  • Two comprehensive courses

    Industry-aligned learning content teaches 3-axis milling skills at a flexible-pace.

  • Engaging machining projects

    Six projects that challenge learners and include resources for easy implementation.

  • Helpful instructor resources

    Time-saving resources and guides are included for teaching in a classroom setting.

  • Prepares learners to be certified

    A certification prep course helps learners approach the exam with confidence.


Build skills with flexible-paced courses in CAM for 3-axis milling.

  • CNC Toolpaths for 3 Axis Milling

    Learn the introductory skills to analyze parts, define toolpaths, and machine complex 3 axis geometry using Fusion 360.

    Professional | 10 hours to complete

  • CAM Strategies for 3 Axis Milling

    Program and output 3 axis toolpaths to produce real-world parts.

    Professional | 10 hours to complete


Engaging and easy-to-implement machining projects designed for the classroom.

woman wearing safety glasses and standing in a machining shop while looking at the camera with arms crossed.

Prepare for the certification exam

Get ready for your certification exam with learning modules and a practice test—designed to help you succeed. From machine setup to part inspection, this certification prep course covers all the core skills you need to become an Autodesk Certified Professional in CAM for 3-axis milling using Fusion 360.

a photo of a man wearing safety glasses in a machining workshop looking at the camera

Explore the certification

Ready to become an Autodesk Certified Professional in CAM for 3-axis milling? Get complete information about this certification, find answers to common questions, and schedule your appointment.

Learning Pathway FAQs

Find answers to common questions about Learning Pathways, courses, software requirements and more.

We recommend that you have Fusion 360 installed on your computer to take advantage of the material presented in these courses.

Fusion 360 system requirements and installation support are available on the Autodesk Knowledge Network.

Skill-builder and certification prep courses increase your knowledge, confidence, and abilities in CAM for 3-axis milling. Get the skills you need to advance your career and prepare for the Autodesk Certified Professional in CAM for 3 Axis Milling exam. Course overview pages detail the specific skills you will learn in each course.

Most questions can be resolved in our Support & Policies FAQ.

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