Associate | ~5 hr. 30 min.

Project: Design products using freeform modeling


Create a second life laundry detergent bottle using Fusion 360 Forms.


Apply your skills by working on a real-world project using sustainable practices. Complete practice and challenge exercises, then work on additional designs following the same product family identity and producing a fluid volume.

Smooth form bodyProject scenario:
A customer has asked your company to create a second life laundry detergent bottle. The company is founded in sustainability and is looking to provide its customers with an innovated bottle design that allows for up to a year of reuse for some of their various household cleaning solutions. These cleaning solutions will be created in the second life bottle using tap water and dry goods to produce household cleaning products that reduce additional packaging, shipping, and storage requirements.

After completing this project, you'll be able to:

  • Review a sample design.
  • Create a smooth form body to match the supplied images.
  • Analyze the amount of material used.
  • Render the final design with a decal.

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