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Course overview

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Prove to potential employers that you’re up to the task by becoming an Autodesk Certified Professional. Get the skills that match what's covered in the Autodesk Certified Professional in Revit for Architectural Design exam. Follow the typical workflow and features of Revit for architectural design, including modeling and materials, families, documentation, views, and Revit project management. Review advanced modeling architectural topics and work with walls, floors, roofs, ceilings, stairs, columns, and rooms. Gain an understanding of exam topics such as family categories and types, phases and design options, schedules, and worksharing. Brush up on selection sets, detail components, color schemes, levels and grids, and much more.

After taking this course, you'll be able to:

  • Work with architectural and site elements, element materials, selection sets, and rooms and areas.
  • Create and manage views and annotations, work with families, and develop schedules.
  • Use workflows and processes such as worksharing, exporting and printing, and project maintenance and management.
  • Demonstrate the skills and knowledge required for taking the Autodesk Certified Professional: Revit for Architectural Design exam.
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