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44 questions

1. Refer to exhibit. 

A mechanical engineer is setting up a Generative Design study for the mounting portion of a linkage mechanism shown in the exhibit.

The mounting bracket will be welded to an I Beam upon final assembly and galvanized post-welding.

The selected edges in the exhibit indicate where a full penetration weld bead will be applied.

Which structural constraint should be used?

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2. Refer to exhibits.

A mechanical engineer is setting up a generative design study for a piece of machinery that includes a linkage which rotates 300 degrees during use as shown in the exhibits.The mechanical engineer has an assembly setup with a simplified version of the new component which will act as a stop for the linkage and also be used as a starting shape. The mechanical engineer also needs to develop obstacles for the rotating linkage system.Why has the mechanical engineer decided to model the obstacle geometry in the design workspace rather than using Edit Model?

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3. Refer to exhibit.

A mechanical engineer would like to define a single joint to control the rotation and translation of the adjustable stand component within the bounds of the slot feature on the base.Which of the following As-Built Joint configurations should be defined to achieve the desired motion?

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4. A mechanical engineer needs a material with specific mechanical properties for a Generative Design study.

While looking through the Material Browser, the mechanical engineer notices there is an entry in the Fusion 360 Material Library with similar properties.

How can the mechanical engineer quickly modify the properties in this material with the correct values?

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5. Refer to exhibit.

A mechanical engineer has inserted a mesh body into an existing design. The mechanical engineer would like to remove the hole while preserving the external contour of the mesh.The current output of an Erase and Fill operation is depicted in the exhibit. What should the mechanical engineer do with the original selection to resolve the issue?

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6. A mechanical engineer is unable to find a specific aluminum material for use with a Generative Design study.

They have sourced an Aluminum 7075 with a Young's Modulus of 78.300 GPa and a Yield Strength of 472.000 MPa, both of which are larger than the 7075 inside of the Fusion Material Library.

What course of action should the mechanical engineer take?

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7. Refer to exhibit.

An imported mesh body is extremely-detailed, affecting performance. The mechanical engineer manipulating the design decides to use the Remesh tool as shown in the exhibit to reduce the triangle face count on the model. Which setting should be used to make sure the model's details are crisp and not affected as the mesh size increases and triangle count decreases?

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8. Refer to exhibits.

A mechanical engineer is creating a simplified linkage model to be used as an obstacle for a generative design study.What design approach did the mechanical engineer take to change the linkage in exhibit 1 to the simplified version in exhibit 2?

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9. A mechanical engineer is looking to optimize an arm on a drone chassis for mass reduction using a Generative Design study. A key design feature for the drone is its modularity, which enables the pilot to swap out all the arms for various flight requirements. Each arm will have the same interface with the drone chassis, but the size and length of the arm will vary across configurations. Each configuration will have 12 load cases defined with vector components. The mechanical engineer will be cloning the Generative Model with the initially defined study across configurations and slightly altering the preserve geometry and the load case magnitudes.How can the mechanical engineer simplify the process of defining the load cases for the first configuration?

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10. Refer to exhibit.

A mechanical engineer has created the sketch shown in the exhibit.How is the diameter of the circle defined?

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11. Refer to exhibit. 

When modifying a freeform shape, a mechanical engineer deletes a face of the form, opening up a hole in the model as shown in the exhibit. Which three methods can be used to close this hole and return the model to a watertight freeform shape again? (Choose three.)

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12. A mechanical engineer receives a 3D model from a customer that requires modification prior to manufacturing. The mechanical engineer wants to ensure that any changes are included within the Fusion 360 design, document the changes, and allow for future adjustments. How can the mechanical engineer ensure that any new features will be tracked within the design?

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13. When defining manufacturing methods in a new Generative Design Study, a mechanical engineer considers the possibility of 3D-printing design outcomes.

The mechanical engineer wants to print parts with the least possible support material, but must have the layers oriented to achieve the highest strength in their part.

Which setting in the Additive method will assist the mechanical engineer in achieving their goal?

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14. Refer to exhibit.

A mechanical engineer is setting up a new Generative Design study to produce a new component.

On one piece of Preserve Geometry, a hole will be connected to a neighboring lever part that will not be included. The lever is designed to push using a bolt to transfer force to the Preserve Geometry.

Which load type would be most-appropriate to represent how the bolt will transfer the force at the connection hole?

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15. A mechanical engineer wants to define two Generative Design studies to explore a design with and without a Starting Shape. The Generative Model used in Study 2 will include a Starting Shape and variations of obstacle geometry.Each study needs to be populated with the same load cases to describe how the generated component will be loaded in the field.Which method can be used to ensure all criteria are met?

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16. Refer to exhibit. 

A mechanical engineer is about to run a generative design study after a final check through the design space setup.

The exhibit shows all preserve and obstacle geometry currently defined in the study.

Without knowing anything else about the setup, what problem will become apparent during the solve that should have been done prior to solving?

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17. Refer to exhibit. 

A mechanical engineer is setting up manufacturing methods for a generative design study for a bicycle crank arm.

The mechanical engineer must consider CNC machining as the main manufacturing method for their low volume production facility.

The mechanical engineer has set up the following milling configurations as seen in the exhibit.
  • Configuration 1 - 2.5-axis +X
  • Configuration 2 - 3-axis +X -X
  • Configuration 3 - 3-axis all 6 direction
  • Configuration 4 - 5-axis
All milling configurations use the same minimum tool diameter, shoulder length and head diameter.

Which one of these configurations will cause a warning?

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18. A mechanical engineer is tasked with performing a economic feasibility study on Generative Design outcomes for a retrofit project, while adhering to the following design constraints:
  • Component should have less mass than the existing solution
  • Iterative manufacturing option with potential downstream design changes
  • Component should be cheaper than existing solution
  • Potential minor variability in load cases should be supported
Which of the following is the best visualization approach to identify outcomes that fall within the project budget and satisfy the outlined design constraints?

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19. A mechanical engineer wants to utilize Generative Design in Fusion 360 to create the lightest part possible.The design will see 2,250N (505lbf) during normal use and must be able to withstand a max load of 5,625N (1,265lbf).Currently, the part has a mass of 1,800 grams (64oz). The company wants to drop the weight by approximately 1/3 of the current mass.Which option will be the most-likely to meet their objective?

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20. Refer to exhibit.
A mechanical engineer begins preparing a Generative Design study on a new reciprocating saw design.

The mechanical engineer wants to redesign the Blade Guard, keeping its main shape intact. The mechanical engineer also wants consolidate a few parts by integrating the cylindrical Post component into the new Blade Guard. The Post is clamped into the injection-molded Saw Housing containing the rest of the internal components.

Which three components should the mechanical engineer replace with obstacles when setting up this study? (Choose three.)

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21. While working on an assembly design, a mechanical engineer created a new component to be used as a construction object, but it is not a primary component of the design. The mechanical engineer does not wish this construction object to affect the mass, center of gravity, or appear in the Part List on a drawing. How can the engineer accomplish this after the construction object is no longer needed?

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22. A mechanical engineer is configuring a Generative Design study for part consolidation of several independent components in a large assembly for use as inspiration for a final design. T

here are currently no existing designs that unify these components.

All obstacle components were replaced with primitive geometry in the Edit Model toolset.

Which of the following adjustments can be made to the configuration of the study to improve the accuracy of the outcomes?

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23. A company that produces widgets is looking to improve their products' performance, while reducing the cost to manufacture each widget. The company has also been experiencing some negative feedback from customers regarding product safety and breakage during normal use.Which three statements best demonstrate how Generative Design could be used to update and improve the company's existing designs? (Choose three.)

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24. Refer to exhibit.

A mechanical engineer has been tasked with designing an update for the mounting base shown in the exhibit for a 6-DoF robotic arm from an agricultural field rover. The rover is battery-powered, with current prototypes having a limited runtime due to onboard equipment.The interface between the arm and the robot chassis is currently a subassembly of parts that needs to integrate cable management for several sensors and an additional motor. A comprehensive analysis of the heat distribution and power consumption from the onboard microcontroller and data acquisition unit are also needed.The researchers have access to extensive fabrication capabilities including additive and subtractive manufacturing methods. Which aspects of this design problem are suitable candidates for a generative design workflow?

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25. Refer to exhibit.

A mechanical engineer has inserted a manufacturer's single mesh body into the current design and would like to center the main cylinder body on active component's origin.The mechanical engineer used the Position option to center but has received the result shown in the exhibit.How can the mechanical engineer position the coordinate system at the desired location?

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26. Refer to exhibit. 

A mechanical engineer has set up a Generative Design study to use Aluminum 6061 and 7075 materials with costing data for CNC milling and unrestricted manufacturing methods.

Upon reopening of the materials dialog, the mechanical engineer no longer sees the materials as shown in the exhibit.

What is an explanation for the materials not showing up in the study?