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Introduction to Generative Design for Manufacturing

Course | Skill builder
New technologies and evolving industries are transforming the way we work. Explore how to work with generative design studies and outcomes to solve manufacturing challenges in new ways.


Generative design is a new workflow that generates high-performing design alternatives with optimized geometry that is often far removed from a traditional design. Learn how to set up, generate, and explore design outcomes and post-process generative designs. Explore the basics of Fusion 360 assemblies and geometry creation, with a focus on obstacle geometry. Set up a generative design study and learn advanced T-spline tools to post-process a generative output. With the rapid expansion of various types of manufacturing—from additive, subtractive, and even hybrid approaches—the generative design workflow gives you the power to explore every avenue of a design.

After completing this course, you'll be able to:

  • Explain generative design technology.
  • Create basic assemblies.
  • Use generative design.
  • Explore generative design outcomes.
  • Finalize advanced designs.
  • Edit sculpted bodies using T-splines.

This course includes exercises and videos that advise use of Autodesk Cloud Credits. Cloud credits should be used at your own discretion. See course resources for more details. 

Course modules

~2 min.
Getting started

Discover what you'll learn in this course and download the software and resources you need. 

~1 hr. 20 min.
Introduction to generative design

Identify the difference between generative design and topology optimization and understand the generative design mindset and workflow.

~1 hr. 35 min.
Generative design preserve and obstacle geometry

In this module you will learn to identify, create and/or select obstacle and preserve geometry while setting up the generative design space.

~2 hr.
Generative design study setup

In this module you will learn to define loads, constraints, load cases, manufacturing methods, materials and design objectives for a generative design study.

~1 hr. 35 min.
Post process a generative outcome

In this module you will explore a 3D model created from a generative outcome, modify a form body, perform a static stress simulation and review simulation results.

~55 min.
Additional form tools

In this module you will explore additional forms tools that will aid in the modification of generative design outcomes.

~2 hr.
Course challenge exercise

Course challenge exercise

~45 min.
Final test

Final test

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