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Make It Real: Your future in construction starts here

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One team. Imagining a better future.

Autodesk's Make It Real program encourages young people to engage with their communities by applying the design thinking process to real problems related to construction and the built environment. It also offers inspiration, learning, and funding opportunities.

Autodesk is partnering with hockey star Connor Clifton and football champion James Develin, two engineering school graduates teaming up to help the next generation of designers and builders.

Join them for the “Bridging Gaps” web series, where they encounter the people and new technologies that are improving the built environment.

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"Bridging Gaps" with James Develin and Connor Clifton

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  • Winning Together

    James and Connor discuss how their backgrounds in engineering have empowered them with a new way of thinking about the future.

  • Building Connection

    Guided by construction project managers, the duo visits a 520-ton steel deck that will bridge together two Boston neighborhoods.

  • Tapping Potential

    The team learns from a pipefitter about her career and how the systems she assembles are vital to the building project.

  • Co-piloting the Future

    James and Connor learn about construction technologies that reduce busy work, so builders can focus on what matters most.

"Make It Modular" with James Develin

  • Trading Sweat for Sweets

    James sees an opportunity to reimagine a shipping container as a surf shack–inspired cafe that serves smoothies and coffee.

  • Making Room to Grow

    James tackles the interior and exterior design work—everything from the surfboard seat installation to the living wall.

  • Powering Up

    The thin metal walls of a container don't safely accommodate electrical components, so James seeks expert advice.

  • Scaling Sustainably

    James meets with Fope Bademosi, an Autodesk researcher focused on innovation within the construction industry.

Navigate your future in construction

  • Technology tutorials

    Build tech skills for the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry.

  • Microfunding

    Apply for funds to boost your advancement into the building trades.

  • Career exploration

    Learn from industry professionals about how they are making a difference.

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"Make It Bridge" Scholarship Award

Earlier this year, Autodesk challenged high school students to connect physical divides in their communities by imagining how they could improve pedestrian infrastructure.

Winners of the "Make It Bridge" contest earned scholarship prizes totaling $50,000 to support educational expenses such as tuition, books, room and board, transportation, and childcare.

Explore the contest page to learn from the student winners whose final products addressed important social and environmental issues while demonstrating outstanding 3D digital literacy and design skills. Stay tuned for future opportunities!

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Explore Autodesk design and construction resources

Watch these brief tutorials from Autodesk experts on how to bring a design idea to life.

  • Get started in FormIt

    Model basic architectural concepts in FormIt.

  • Level up in FormIt

    Try advanced tools in FormIt like the Dynamo visual scripting language.

  • Tell stories visually with FormIt

    Animate scenes in a design and apply visual styles to personalize it.

  • Optimize a FormIt design

    Analyze a design for its environmental impact and use Dynamo to automate processes.

  • Design landscapes in AutoCAD

    Get started designing a landscape using AutoCAD.

  • Illustrate details in Revit

    Use Revit to highlight building elements that inform construction.

  • Plan construction site logistics

    Generate 3D context from geographic data with an Infraworks-FormIt workflow.

  • Communicate about construction

    Use Construction Cloud tools to review and flag clashes among building elements.

Building Changemakers Microgrant Application

This $500 grant is intended for students ages 17-22 in the U.S. who are transitioning from high school into an apprenticeship or additional vocational training in the building trades. It may be used to cover expenses to support your training such as tuition, books, safety equipment, uniforms, lab fees, transportation, certification fees, or childcare.

In 2023 we supported 100 young people on the path to careers in the building trades with $50,000 in microgrant funding. Please check back in 2024 for additional funding opportunities.

Explore careers that make a positive impact

Discover the many career paths into the future of construction by learning from industry professionals and university students who are making progress now to address important issues.

  • Construction technology

    Explore megatrends that are influencing the future of construction and changing the ways we work.

  • Sustainable design

    Learn from an EcoRise LEED Green Associate how a living wall can advance environmental sustainability.

  • Modular design

    Architecture students from Wentworth Institute of Technology share their prototype for an outdoor classroom.

  • Inclusive design

    A Wentworth Institute of Technology student envisions sensory-modified spaces for people with disabilities.

  • Affordable housing

    How can we design affordable housing with future residents? A Wentworth Institute of Technology student has a plan.

  • Ask an architect

    Architects answer questions and share how their early interests led to architecture careers.

  • Ask an engineer

    Panelists discuss their career paths and the variety of roles that engineers play in the construction industry.

  • Ask a builder

    Meet a diverse panel of construction professionals who are innovating the built environment.