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Integrated BIM Workflows in Modular Prefabricated Construction: Concept to Fabricate

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    Prefabrication and modular construction have become increasingly significant in building design and construction management. BIM (Building Information Modeling) combined with fabrication has enabled integrated architecture and engineering workflows that can embrace these technologies. In industrialized production, the digital model becomes the product. For architecture and engineering professionals, drawing sets rely on symbology and design intent, not on specifics of construction and fabrication. This class will present best practices and procedures for modular off-site fabrication. Focused workflows will be demonstrated using the architectural design and documentation capacity of Autodesk software. The digitally fabricated model produced by Inventor software directly informs both the architectural design and the computer numerical control (CNC) components.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to manage an intricate network of linked Revit files, combined with Inventor components
    • Discover basic principles of architectural modularization in BIM
    • Learn how to model repeatable building units in Revit
    • Learn how to compile the information necessary for fabrication and architectural documentation in Revit and Inventor