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Industry Talk / London 2019
Thought Leaders in Digital Technology Evolution in Higher Education: Autodesk and Trivarsity
This session will be divided into the following 4 sections: 1) Introduction to the theory behind the BIM workshop and its evolution as action research. It aims to enable participants to gain experience of how BIM Management and Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) can optimize and connect teams working across disciplines during a key phase of a simulated architectural design project; 2) Account of the outcomes and benefits of the workshop's 5 evolutionary phases as pathways for future learning: Workshop 1, March 2015 (SHU, Sheffield) introduced collaborative BIM workflows to the students across the 3 institutions (Architectural Technology and Construction Management programmes). The 2-day workshop started with keynote speakers from Autodesk and architectural practice. The participants worked on a given simple Revit model and in their teams, divided the model into work sets. VIA introduced the construction management software, Sigma, on the second day. Workshop 2, October 2015 (VIA, Denmark) began with a keynote environmental consultant presenting an environmental project case study. A Revit model; structure and shell; was given to the student groups for re-design into an office building. The groups conducted a Revit day-lighting analysis of the building, a cost estimate (Sigma), and the scheduling (MS-Project) of the implementation of the project (including the cash flow for costs). The proposal was to be delivered as 3D, 4D, and 5D. Workshop 3, November 2016 (WIT, Waterford) included Sustainable Engineering and Quantity Surveying disciplines. This allowed the development of a brief that covered design, structure, solar, energy and wind analysis and the projects to be priced. The brief was to redevelop Waterford North Quays with eight towers, one per team, as a 50/50 mix between office and residential accommodation. In preparation, the students set up and managed a common data environment (CDE) using Autodesk BIM 360, inviting team members to join, developed a BIM execution plan (BEP) including Gantt charts, prepared project Revit files with shared co-ordinates and set up file management and naming conventions per BS 1192 2007+A2 2016. The keynote talk by Chris Bakkala, an international expert in tower structural engineering, launched the workshop. Workshop 4 in November 2017(SHU, Sheffield) - Autodesk were involved directly and pivotally in the planning, organisation and running of this workshop. The brief was supported with talks from the indust
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