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Industry Talk / London 2019
Apply Modularity, Interchangeability, and Prefabrication Principles to All Stages of BIM Projects
As a construction company, experienced in the retail sector, we see an important change in the requirements of our customers. They want to see results faster, cheaper, and are more demanding. Sustainability is becoming increasingly important. We make this possible with digitalized and integrated construction processes and intensive collaboration. With the Stamhuis Total Concept we create a convergence between AEC and manufacturing in one company, from concept, design and engineering to manufacturing, pre-assembly, installation, and maintenance. In this lecture we will present how we deal with BIM projects and apply the principles of modularity, interchangeability, and prefabrication throughout the preparation, execution, and production phases with Autodesk Revit, Inventor, and Navisworks. You will understand how we guarantee the purchase orders from our clients by linking the processes to CMMS and ERP software. We will showcase the importance of Autodesk BIM 360 as our central platform for connecting all disciplines, stimulating collaboration and promoting communication. Finally, we will give you some insight on how Generative Design brings the Stamhuis Total Concept to a higher level, by optimizing the conceptual design of our retail projects and by automating time-consuming tasks. Autodesk and Stamhuis acting as an innovator provides unique applications that will be game changers for our industry. We invite everyone to think along with us and build a better world together.
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