Design a wallet using CAD

Use your Fusion CAD skills to work on a real-world project and design a 3D model. In this project, you’ll begin by using your knowledge of 2D sketching with dimensions and constraints. You’ll use extrude, chamfering, fillet, and hole and thread tools as you build the wallet. To personalize the wallet, you’ll add 3D features to text using embossing. Wrap up the project by inserting fasteners and then use animations and multi-view drawing with annotations to view the design. The Fusion files and instructions are available in metric and imperial units in the Module downloads.

After completing this project, you’ll be able to:

  • Design a customizable solid model using 2D sketches.
  • Set up and use parameters, dimensions, and geometric constraints.
  • Apply a chamfer and use Face and Edge Fillet tools.
  • Add Hole and Thread features.
  • Emboss text.
  • Insert and place fasteners created by a third party.
  • Use animations to create an exploded view.
  • Place components in a multi-view drawing with annotations.


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